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Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy adopted by our dojo and it is defined as “continuous never-ending improvement”. The Japanese School of Martial Arts integrates Kaizen during training by instilling three very important concepts in our students: Focus, Discipline, Spirit. These concepts are life skills that the young karateka’s will benefit from throughout their karate training and will also positively impact on their personalities and mental growth.
Is the spark that will ignite your passion. It inspires you to work from your heart and give your all. Spirit is having a positive mental frame that will allow you to see the opportunities when dealing with challenges.
Is the ability to keep your undivided attention on the task at hand and block any form of distractions from your surrounding and environment. Focus is a skill that will allow you to maximize your mental abilities so you can train/work smarter and achieve your goal. Focus will allow you to enhance the quality of your training/work in a given period of time.
Is having the mental capacity and stamina to persist on a task, training, or goal regardless of obstacles and difficulties. Discipline is refusing to give in to pressure. Discipline will increase your endurance hence letting you persist on your training or goal.